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Ammo, Reloading and Ballistics

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Wikiarms Ammo Engine
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Reloading Data & Info
Nosler Reload Forum
Accurate Powder, Data Guide
Hodgdon Reloading, 308
Lohman Arms Reloading Data
6mmbr Sierra 308 Win
James Calhoon, Primers & Pressure
Ultimate Reloader
Speer Reloading Data
Nosler Load Data Load Data Reloading Reloading Specs Hodgdon Basic Manual
Robs Reloading Data
Reloaders Nest
Ammunition Reloading Guide
Vihtavuori Reloading Guide
Powder Nomenclature
Intro To Reloading, a great class at Trop, sign up

300 AAC BlackOut Reloading Info
300 Black Talk Forum
300 AAC BlackOut
SAAMI 300 AAC BlackOut Cartridge
Nosler 300 BlackOut Load Data
Accurate Powder, 300 BlackOut
Loading the 300 BlackOut
Reloading 300 BlackOut
Loading the 300 Whisper
300 BlackOut Forum - 200 gr A1680 reloads
300 BlackOut Forum - 200 gr reloads
300 BlackOut Forum - 200 gr Sierra MatchKing H110
300 BlackOut Forum - powders
Handloading the .300 AAC Blackout
300 AAC Blackout Ballistics Chart
300 BlackOut Subsonic Reloads

Reloading Supplies
Lyman Products
Lee Precision
RCBS Products
IMR Powder
Accurate Powder
Alliant Powder
Hodgdon Powder
Hornady Bullets
Sierra Bullets
Nosler Bullets
Barnes Bullets
Burger Bullets
CCI Primers
Winchester Primers
Federal Primers
Mid South Shooters Supply
Sinclair Intl Products
JM Reloading Supply
Lohman Arms Reloading Supplies
Evergladesammo Bullets and Brass
Wideners Reloading Supplies
Black Hills Shooters Supply

Reloading Specs
AR Special Ed, Fall 2013, Cover
300 BlackOut, pg 4
300 BlackOut, pg 5
300 BlackOut, pg 6
300 BlackOut, pg 7
300 BlackOut, pg 10
300 BlackOut, pg 12
300 BlackOut, pg 14

Lyman AR Reloading Handbook, Cover
300 BlackOut, pg 1
300 BlackOut, pg 2
308 Winchester, pg 1
308 Winchester, pg 2
308 Winchester, pg 3
308 Winchester, pg 4
30-06 Springfield, pg 1
30-06 Springfield, pg 2
30-06 Springfield, pg 3
30-06 Springfield, pg 4

Hodgdon Reloading Annual 2015 Cover
Hodgdon Reloading Data Intro, pg 67
Hodgdon Reloading Powder Usage, pg 68
Hodgdon Reloading Relative Burn Rates, pg 69
Hodgdon Reloading Powders, pg 70
Hodgdon Reloading Powders, pg 71
Hodgdon Reloading Powders, pg 72
Hodgdon Reloading Powders, pg 73
Hodgdon Reloading Legend, pg 74
Hodgdon Reloading Specs 300 AAC BlackOut, pg 114
Hodgdon Reloading Specs 300 AAC BlackOut (& 30-30), pg 115
Hodgdon Reloading Specs 308 Winchester, pg 117
Hodgdon Reloading Specs 308 Winchester, pg 118
Hodgdon Reloading Specs 308 and 30-06, pg 119
Hodgdon Reloading Specs 30-06 Springfield, pg 120
Hodgdon Reloading Specs 30-06 Springfield, pg 121

Winchester Ballistics Calculator
Ballistic Trajectory Calculator
Hornady Ballistics Resource
JBM Ballistics
Sportsmans Guide Ballistics Charts Ballistics
Shooting Times Ballistics Ballistics Charts
Brass Fetcher, Terminal Ballistics
JBM Ballistic, Trajectory Card, Ballistics
Trajectory Input Calculations
Sierra Ballistics Calculator
JBM Ballistics - Ballistics Info
Federal Premium Ammo
.22 Rimfire Ballistics Tables
SubSonic 22 Ammo
Gemtech Silencer Subsonic 42 Gr 22 Ammo

Misc Ammo Stuff
5.56 vs .223
AR-15 .223 vs Mil-Spec 5.56mm Chambers
223 Cartridge Guide
6.5 Grendel Cartridge Guide
Ammo Guide
Sporting Arms and Ammo Man Inst
Sniper Country, Hot Tips
Ballistictech, Sniper Stuff
Barrel Twist Data

Ammo Identification
Ammo ID, Color, Lot
Cartridge Info & Reloading Data
International Ammo Assoc, Headstamp Codes
GunDigest, Cartridge Identification
US Army, ID of Ammo
Russian Ammo Info
7.62x54r Ammo ID

GameCall - Printable Targets
Homemade Target Stand

Speed of Sound in Foot Per Second
speed of sound at sea level, standard day
SL = 661.48 knots (see standard atmosphere table )
1 knot = 1.15077845 mph x 661.48 = 761.21
1 mile = 5280 feet x 761.21 = 4019188.8
1 hour = 3600 seconds
4019188.8 / 3600 = 1116.4 fps speed of sound at sea level
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